How do those who don't go to jobs make money

Do freelancers stop fishing at work like this? No, fishing is human nature brought from the hunting age. Freelancers feel more boundless.

There is no need to argue, an adult, highly concentrated to do one thing, will not last much time. Generally, within 25 to 45 minutes, one's attention will slip away once. I have two friends who are freelancers in everyone's eyes. No job, there is work to do. At the same time, they are all master fishers exactly like us.

Name: EASY

Occupation: Independent Technical Consultant

Resume: Person in charge of cloud business at a large factory

"Although it seems comfortable not to go to work this year there is a sense of anxiety and guilt if you don't do some business every day. During the years at work, after work, and weekends, I have nothing to worry about…"

For easy, it’s been a long time since I didn’t go to work. There are a lot of things there. In order not to do them, I swiped on Weibo to see RSS at ten o'clock in the evening, and finally became purposeful… spent a day doing nothing.

Who said it is only easy to fish in the cubicle? The above is just the daily life of a freelancer.

Easy is a geek, and his way of making money is by doing courses. Put the completed technical courses on the platform to sell, to help some people who want to get started and develop in the technical field. In this process, I not only organize my knowledge, exercise my writing and expression, but also earn money. Although the work is a bit hard, it is a good business model to be able to sell a lot of time for a lot of money.

Before becoming a freelancer, his resume was similar to that of many large companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen: a good education background graduated to a well-known company, and accumulated more than 10 years in a fast-growing industry. And quickly became the person in charge of the company's core business. In 2017, he quit his 10-year job at a large factory and returned to his hometown of Chongqing from Beijing. I bought a house to renovate and quickly established my studio (the only studio employee is himself).

But let's talk about making more money. not always. Concerning the annual salary of top programmers in major companies, the income of most classes is not up to the annual income of programmers. Even the thousands of large-scale courses that NetEase and Tencent officially do, they sell hundreds of sets. There is also a 30%+ platform share, 25% personal tax withholding (some platforms can find an agency for invoicing, but the cost is also 10%), and 30% Apple tax on the iOS platform.

The most difficult thing about flying solo is that in addition to the work you are good at, you have to do something you are not good at. For example, Easy: I thought that the main energy after flying solo is to do classes, but in fact, selling classes is more laborious. Half of the time is spent doing classes in a year, the other half is doing various sales.

It’s even harder to do it if it’s a personality that is unwilling to advertise everywhere. Platform help? They usually have their official big class, even if they are also engaged in the promotion, students still like to buy the official class. Of course, the kind of small class that complements the platform content is fine, but the small class can't make much money.

Easy is considered the best among online lecturers. He is very clear about the needs of his paying people: Those who pay to read your articles and courses without reading the source code and manuals are two types of people: ① those who do not understand the manual ② those who want to save time.

To make a complex thing simple, it is necessary to hide the details, which will inevitably bring inaccuracies, strictly speaking, it is wrong. Therefore, Easy said that the course product is made is a "bridge", which is only used to cross the river. After the past, it can be dismantled. Paid courses have never been paid for knowledge. Knowledge is free (at least in the programmer world). You are paying for your learning ability, English ability, and time and energy.

The process is very hard. Just adding dozens of small classes to the annual curriculum, I worked for two months day and night. As for the entire course, it takes 17 weeks of systematic study to complete it. But in this process. Easy realizes that the output is the input.

In his own words, it is the same as a power bank. After charging for half a year and discharging for half a year, if you keep discharging without charging, you will become a training instructor with the same output (to emphasize positioning, there is nothing wrong with training instructors). Start independent development, and then write a pen to express this process: continuous learning, continuous creation of new content, in this process, I have also grown.

Sometimes the product packaging is too powerful, it becomes a framework, too abstract. Later, it was completely changed from the original point by point, and the reasons for the changes, ideas, and final plan were given. When a product is judged by Easy to have not reached the level of a commercial product, it will not be put on the shelves.

Recently, Easy is free after the completion of the business class. The light bulb of the range hood at home is broken. I bought the light bulb online and searched for the video to learn to install it. If I wanted to eat fried chicken and rice crackers, I didn’t order takeaway. I tinkered with the steam fryer. It was better than the stores.

In terms of income, the advantage of doing online courses is that no matter how many courses are sold, one-piece counts as one piece, and you don’t have to worry about payment. Easy’s other friends, flying solo is not so smooth: a friend’s company did outsourcing and made 1 million last year at a cost of about 500,000. I just wanted the local tyrants to invite us to dinner, but 400,000 people couldn't get it back. This year, I said that I have to transform into products anyway, and quit outsourcing.

There is another young student who entered a company after graduation and internship. The boss and vice president disappeared when he saw the company's demand. The customer urged him to live, and out of a sense of responsibility, the young classmates led someone to do the work and shared the money with everyone. Then the boss showed up and said that he would help make a list. After a week, he could hardly sleep to finish the work. In the end, the boss refused to pay. "When is the injustice reported?" After the little ones, they went to work with peace of mind.

The daily routine of a small company-advance the money to do the project, the balance cannot be received. "Customer default is not a problem, the problem is that customers run away…it is basically to lie to oneself in a lawsuit."

Easy said that someday I can't work as a freelancer, and I will consider another place to work. But no matter where it is, programmers should treat themselves better. And the way he treats himself better is to write code. I write a "just for myself" program almost every year. It's not the way to write, by the way, you have to make yourself look cooler, use it more coolly, and write until you are satisfied.

Name: Yu Ge

Occupation: Free-range screenwriter

Resume: secondary school students who write novels

"I don't have to step out of my comfort zone. I am not comfortable anywhere. The uncomfortable state is my comfort zone, so am I still comfortable when I am in the comfort zone? If it is uncomfortable, then I am in the comfort zone."

Brother Yu is a professional screenwriter, smoking electronic cigarettes, drinking zero Coke, and living a life turned upside down day and night. Sign up with the best film and television group in the country, but do not need to go to the company. One person and one dog live around Beijing, close to Hebei but the administrative division belongs to Beijing.

Daily work is reading, watching movies, and writing scripts. Although these are leisure and entertainment activities in the eyes of readers, it is not easy for a professional screenwriter to treat it as a career. "The daily time is too short. I can't finish the day's plan in a hurry." The most terrible thing is that professional screenwriters need to turn on the computer as soon as they work. So it's easy, daily fishing is to play games. Brother Yu complained to himself, "The happiness that games can bring is very short-lived, so you need to keep playing games."

Work and rest are to go to bed at six in the evening, starting at two in the middle of the night. It not only satisfies the stimulation of staying up late but also brings the comfort of going to bed and getting up early. And avoided the peak period of social interaction. The curtains were pulled all year round, and my sister Xiaolong's holiday came to Beijing to go out for an afternoon together. When she came back, she burst into tears… It’s been a long time since I saw the sun and my eyes couldn’t stand the irritation…

Grandpa Yu is the principal of the school, and his father works in the design institute, but when he comes to Brother Yu, he barely goes to a technical secondary school. For the entire secondary school for several years, to play games and spend only one dollar a day to eat, when I first arrived in Beijing, I lived in the basement remodeled by the garage, separated by wooden boards, and above my head was a street dance studio, and it was also a rocking youth.

I haven't read a book for ten years. Later, I ended up fighting with myself and went to the Beijing Film Academy for further studies. I spent a fulfilling year in a very passionate and demanding way. When I first entered the industry, I thought that my colleagues were so amazing. The mouthful of characters, bridges, intermissions, transitions, and rhythms all felt like dreams. When I go back at night, I will think, can I still learn this in my life? It feels so complicated, so mysterious, so skillful, so talented, who can teach me.

"I want to go back and teach that young man."

Brother Yu now has 9 bookshelves at home with more than 5,000 books. I always feel that there is not enough time, so I rarely go out. I don’t know what books I have if I have too many books. Before the Spring Festival, I used software to count my collection of books row by row, scanning hundreds of books every day, and the whole project took more than a month.

Because of mild dyslexia, the reading speed is not fast. To concentrate more on reading, I learned the Pomodoro Technique and bought a Pomodoro alarm clock. That gadget is a class bell: set a good time, once the bell rings, you will concentrate on reading and writing, and then the bell rings, you can rest for a few minutes according to the settings. This kind of reading training is very useful. Now I can read three books a day with two or three hundred pages. "I bought a waterproof speaker, so I can listen to public lectures when I take a shower."

Occupations that do not go out often have drawbacks, and people will become less and less reluctant to move. To what extent can Brother Yu be lazy? All cooking is done by moving a stool to the kitchen and sitting down. In the pet video that he came out of Po, the background is always messy, there must be a Coke bottle on the ground, and the bottle must be upside down.

He has a pair of spare glasses, especially used to find glasses. To persuade me to clean up the room, I lay on the bed and thought about it all afternoon. Order when you’re not cooking, a family bucket a day, I used KFC points for a rice cooker a year ago. Years later, I have gained 40 pounds and 160… and finally, I'm so fat I don't have any pants to wear.

I don't usually go out unless I need to have a script meeting. However, there are not many meetings of this kind. In addition, in normal times, the script cannot be received, and there are more times when there is no work to do. Half of Yu Ge's hobby of riding a motorcycle is half of traveling.

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