How to apply online job in Canada

A Canadian work permit or work visa is a document issued by the government and an authorization document for a foreigner to work in any province or city in its territory. The Canadian work permit application is submitted to the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC, officially known as CIC), which then processes and issues an authorization to work in Canada on behalf of the Canadian government. Whether you complete your work permit application online or submit hard copy (paper) documents, the processing time for a Canadian work permit usually takes about 5 months. Again, it depends on the country/region where the applicant applies.

The CIC work permit has a designated date, which serves as its expiration and makes it invalid for the holder. This is usually between 1 and 2 years; for students who have taken courses for more than 2 years at an authorized designated learning institution, this time is longer. It is best to apply for an extension at least 30 days before your Canadian work permit expires. Before starting to process the work permit application, your international passport also needs to be valid.

Temporary workers with expired permits in Canada are obliged to stop working immediately after their work permit expires in Canada. According to IRCC regulations, qualified persons (visitors and tourists) who visit Canada with a valid visitor visa can convert their permits into work permits. Some changes have been made to their policies. This allows temporary visitors and tourists to accept available job opportunities in Canada.

Step by step instructions to apply for a Canadian work grant
Application requirement

Not all foreigners must apply for a Canadian work permit before starting to work in Canada. Therefore, we recommend that you first visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to check whether your occupation and the country need a work permit to obtain employment in Canada. Certain jobs in Canada require a labor market impact assessment to determine whether applicants are eligible for work permits in certain occupational fields. Assuming that all requirements are met, you must pay a processing fee of $155 for a Canadian work permit application. Therefore, you need a valid credit/debit card (a special form of bank transfer called Interac and money order is also allowed in Canada) for payment, and a scanner or digital camera to help you create a digital copy of the document.

Apply for a work permit (POE) at the port of entry

A port of entry (POE) is a place designated by the Canadian government as a point of entry to Canada. Usually, the port of entry you pass through will be your first airport or land border crossing point in Canada. Port of entry The following are some of the conditions that you need to comply with when applying for a work permit in POE.

  • Currently, only foreigners entering Canada from the United States can apply for a work permit at the port of entry.
  • You must have an effective job opportunity.
  • According to the COVID-19 directive, you must be prepared to isolate for 14 days after arriving in Canada.
  • Online or paper application for Canadian work permit
  • In order to apply for a Canadian work permit online or through a paper application, you must go through the following process;
  • Create a new online account on the CIC website or log in to your existing account.
  • Fill out all mandatory forms and accompanying documents.
  • Pay the fees required for the work permit application.
  • Then submit it online or in person or by mail to the nearest application center

After applying, please make sure you log in to your online account frequently to confirm the status of your application to see if it is approved or rejected. If you are lucky enough to obtain the approval status for a Canadian work permit, you will receive a Canadian work permit number, also known as a unique customer identifier (UCI).

Types of Canadian work permit

There are two types of Canadian work permits, and based on their profession and qualifications, they are ideal for foreigners. Due to the impact of COVI2-9, the processing time of the CIC work permit cannot be estimated correctly, which makes it impossible for them to process the work permit application as expected. However, the following are the types of Canadian work permits.

Employer specific work permit

This type of Canadian work permit allows you to work in Canada based on certain factors. These factors include the number of hours you can work, the field you can work in, and the name of the specific employer you are allowed to work for. Employer-specific work permits are mainly issued to researchers, visiting professors, etc.

For certain occupations, employers must meet certain requirements before applying for an employer-specific work permit. The employer will also need to provide you with an employee number to support your application or a copy of the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Openwork permit

Openwork permits are one of the most common types of work permits in Canada. Once approved, the open work permit application will grant authorization to foreigners who need to work anywhere in Canada. It is provided by the Immigration Office to foreigners who intend to work for any Canadian employer within a specified time. You do not need to obtain a job offer before applying for an open work permit in Canada. In addition, applying for an open work permit does not require a labor market impact assessment (LMIA).

Work permit application fee

In addition to the US$100 application fee for Canadian work permit applications, applicants for Canadian open work visas must also pay US$155, also known as open work permit holder fees.

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