How to decline a Job Offer

Many job seekers now hold several job offers, and after comparing them one by one, they will carefully choose the one they like the most. After that, how to politely reject offers from other companies became a thorny issue for everyone. How to reject an offer completely depends on the reason you don't want to go.

Luo Zhihengfu summarized for you how to reject an offer based on different reasons:

  1. If this job is not suitable for you, but you like this company very much
    You can express to the company's HR that you are impressed and interested in this company by phone or email, but this job is not suitable for you at present. Then introduce what kind of job you are suitable for. The description should include your skill level, the level of your desired position, and other key factors that are missing in the current job.
  2. If you don’t like this company, for example, its culture, products, customers or your supervisor is not attractive
    Then when you refuse, you only need to express to HR: You are very grateful for this job opportunity, but it is not suitable for your career development path, so it is enough to decline. But please don't express your dissatisfaction with any company employee you contacted during the interview.
  3. If the salary of this job is not up to your expectations, but the job and the company are very attractive to you
    You can try to solve this problem in the follow-up communication. First of all, when you receive an offer, you should immediately express your excitement to HR and try to negotiate a higher salary. If this effort is in vain, you can reiterate your gratitude and excitement for this offer, and euphemistically say that you can only regret the rejection because of the salary. Sometimes, in this case, some companies will provide you with a better job offer.

Then when and why should I send a rejection letter to decline a job offer?

There are many reasons when you decide to reject an offer. A letter allows you to clearly state the reason for your rejection of this offer. At the same time, a thankful and polite rejection letter allows you to maintain a good relationship with your employer. You never know whether this employer will provide you with a better job offer in the future, so don't let the relationship become stale. Before sending out the rejection letter, please make sure that you decide not to accept the job. If there is any room for maneuvers, such as salary increase or other benefits, please try to negotiate with the company's HR first. Because once you send out the rejection letter, there is no possibility of transfer. One more thing to remember: Please send out your rejection letter as soon as possible. Because a timely rejection letter is more thoughtful than a late rejection letter.

Choosing an offer is the first step for you to enter a new company. When you are a new employee, what else should be worth noting? Luo Zhihengfu summarized the main points that you need to pay attention to when facing a new job.

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