How to find a job for new immigrants in Canada

Looking for a job in Canada? Before applying for a job, please check our tips to understand what you need to know
Young immigrants will usher in a future full of infinite possibilities in Canada. It is exciting to have the opportunity to study, enter the workplace, and find the right job. At the same time, it is difficult to adapt to life in a strange country, and even to master a new language. With the right tools, knowledge, and support, new immigrants can lay the foundation for success in Canada in the future. New immigrants to Canada can take the following important steps to prepare for successful entry into the workplace in Canada.

Accumulate work experience in Canada

Everyone in the work must take the first step from somewhere. Canadian employers are looking for job candidates whose educational background and skills will play an important role in the workplace. But young people can gain experience without waiting for graduation. Instead, they can gain practical work experience through the following options:

Cooperative education: Cooperative education allows students to learn while accumulating experience in a specific field of work. Cooperative education is jointly supervised and evaluated by the employer and the school. Contact your school’s career center to learn more about cooperative education.
Job Fair: Not sure where to find a job? A job fair is a platform for employers to provide potential employees with information about their company or industry. You can find job fairs held nearby by searching online or consulting local high schools or libraries. Jobs Canada also lists job fairs across the country to provide you with practical resources.

Improve English skills

The ability to communicate proficiently in English is essential to success in the Canadian job market. Most colleges and universities offer English training courses for non-native English students. There are also some language courses funded by the Canadian government. Another way to improve English skills may be to join an organization, such as the local Toastmasters International club, which in addition to helping new immigrants improve their language skills, also helps develop public speaking and leadership skills.

Make a resume

Ready to apply for a job? A resume is a document that details your educational background, skills, and work-related experience. Potential employers will evaluate whether you meet the qualification requirements of the position based on your resume. Usually, employers will review your resume before meeting you, so it’s important to produce an excellent resume that reflects your strengths and talents as a potential employee. The Canadian government provides some tips for making a great resume.

Find local tutoring courses

Canada provides several organizations and programs designed to guide young people to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to succeed in the future. Scotiabank is honored to cooperate with one of these organizations, Pathways to Education. Pathways to Education is a national charity organization that helps young people living in low-income communities overcome educational barriers, successfully graduate from high school, and lay the foundation for a bright future in Canada, thereby bringing positive changes to society.

Scotiabank invested $750,000 to support new immigrants and young immigrants to participate in the Pathways program, strengthening its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity in 2020. Scotiabank’s commitment will provide young immigrants with access to community network support services, including English tutoring, settlement services, and employment skills training. Scotiabank hopes that this investment will help young people acquire life-long skills and knowledge to guide them to a successful career and a bright future in Canada.

Create/update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a great place for you to find a job. Think of LinkedIn's profile as an extension of your resume. The resume should keep pace with the times, reflecting your experience and the next needs of your career development. Modify your data when you get work and volunteer experience; your data should keep up with the times. Also, please make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Personal data should be kept as professional as possible.

social contact

What kind of career do you hope to have in five years and beyond? Through social interaction, you can better understand different career paths. When building a network, start with the people you are in contact with. Talk to your friends, family, and professors to learn about the Canadian working environment, the characteristics of successful job applicants, and where to find summer or full-time job opportunities. But don't limit yourself to your circle. Social networking is an important and universal part of Canadian work culture. Use your LinkedIn profile to start communicating online with people you admire for their careers. Although this may seem daunting at first glance, practice makes perfect, and you can meet some useful contacts and future mentors to help you when you start your career.

Please check the work and internship area of our student center for career advice on realizing your ideal internship, cooperative education, job search, and socializing. You can also view online activities related to your field, allowing you to establish more contacts and follow up after the activity.

By adopting the above practices, young new immigrants can confidently enter the workforce in Canada. In addition to career goals, young immigrants should also start to consider their financial prospects in Canada. The Scotiabank New Home Financial Plan can connect new immigrants with experienced Scotiabank consultants, help them understand Canada's financial system, and help them achieve their personal financial goals by providing consulting services, resources, and financial privileges.

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