How to get a job with no experience

There is no need to panic. There are too many inexperienced students in the past, and there are not many who cannot find a job in the end.

Let's analyze it rationally. The previous students have no work experience. There may be several situations like this:

  1. I didn't find a job when I graduated and stayed at home all the time;
  2. After working for a period of time, I found that the job was not suitable for me, so I chose to switch careers, and ended up having no industry experience;
  3. The postgraduate entrance examination failed in World War II and missed the school recruitment ,No working experience;
    Except for the first case, it may really be due to personal abilities. The other two are not caused by personal abilities, and these two situations are very common.

You don't have to worry about being a past student, and you won't be able to find a job. We can get a job opportunity that suits us through reasonable planning and preparation.

  1. Determine your career direction first
    I have met many classmates who failed the postgraduate entrance examination, worried that they could not find a good job, and eager to find a job to support themselves.

As a result, many times, because of insufficient preparation and lack of planning, the first job in life is not what I want, so a lot of time is wasted.

Instead of doing this, it's better to choose your direction from the beginning, make sufficient preparations for job hunting, and avoid many detours.

How to find a direction that suits you, in addition to considering your professional counterparts, you also need to consider whether to match your advantages. I suggest students who are confused look at the answer to this question:

  1. Be fully prepared for job hunting
    When I was the head of the department in the company, I also encountered many inexperienced classmates who came to interview, but the interview surface was completely different.

Some students were completely unprepared before they came and basically couldn't answer any of the questions they asked; while a very small number of students made sufficient preparations before coming to the interview, and even made a plan specifically for the interview position. It's hard to refuse.

If it is from the perspective of the enterprise, even if the latter has no experience, I would be willing to let him come in and give it a try.

So how do you prepare for a job search? I understand the following aspects:

  1. A resume that matches the job position

In the previous sharing, I mentioned many times that when the company finally decides to recruit people, it is not based on how good the resume is, but on the degree of match between the job applicant and the position.

Regarding how to write a resume that closely matches the job search position, you can refer to my article:

  1. Preparation of job-related skills

For past students, it means that they can only use the social recruitment channel, and their requirements are naturally different from those of recent students.

In addition to considering his professional level when recruiting fresh students, companies do not have high requirements for their experience and skills.

The social recruitment of students is different, they will require certain skills or experience.

Therefore, if you want to interview for a position, which puts forward some skill requirements, don't take a fluke and learn in advance! Learn in advance!

There are a lot of online courses now, and it is very convenient to learn any skills. This is an important part of enhancing your competitiveness in job hunting.

  1. Get ready for self-introduction and common interview answers

Although the self-introduction prepared in advance seems to be a bit false, it is better than not having any preparation.

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