How to prepare for a Job Interview

Whether it's a newcomer to the workplace or a veteran who has worked for several years, we all need to make full preparations before the interview.

The energy invested in preparing for the interview can be regarded as the investment with the highest return-on-investment ratio in the entire workplace.

So what preparations should be made before the interview?

In my opinion, we need to prepare the following 4 aspects:

  • Know the company and position in advance;
  • Be prepared for common interview questions;
  • Adjust your mentality and emotions;
  • Prepare your resume and dress code;

Know the company and position in advance

Before each interview, we should spend at least half an hour to get to know the company.

If we don’t have time to prepare for the interview, we don’t have time for the interview.

When understanding the applicant company and position, you can start from the following aspects:

  1. Search the company's media reports, visit her official website, and study the JD of the position again. This is the most basic;
  2. Follow the company’s WeChat public account, download her App and register as her user. We can also use Enterprise Check and Tianyan Check to further understand the company’s equity structure and the situation of the boss.
  3. Find people who are already working in it through friends or alumni relations, and ask them to provide us with some internal information, to understand the work content and company atmosphere, etc.

We need to record all of this information and compare it with the personal experience on our resume to see how our own capabilities and experience can be combined with the company's needs and information.

Prepare for common interview questions

First of all, let's imagine that there will be an exam next week, and everyone already knows 80% of the questions, so those who take the answers will have a huge advantage over those who have not prepared the answers.

Three, adjust mentality and emotions

In an interview, the most likely thing for job applicants to show negative emotions is to be asked:

Why leave from the last company?

Many people have been asked why they are interested in the new company, but when they talk about why they want to leave the previous company, all kinds of dissatisfaction and complaints come out.

There are even fresh graduates who complain about their school and major, saying that they can't learn anything.

These may be our true inner thoughts, and there are indeed many scum leaders and scum schools in this world, but interviews are not an occasion to express emotions.

Maintaining a positive and positive emotion is the background color of the interview.

Prepare your resume and dress

If you want to improve your appearance technically, you can go to Xiaohongshu or Station B to search for tutorials on beauty makeup and interview dressing. I believe that girls know better than me.

Regarding the interview dress, here I only say 3 points to note:

  • Gregarious
  • keep
  • confidence
  • gregarious

Our dressing should be consistent with the company's basic dressing style, and can be slightly more formal than theirs.

If we are going to interview those Internet companies, their employees may usually wear shorts and slippers to go to work.

Then we can be more formal than them, we can wear a long trousers and T-shirts, but don't wear suits or professional attire, it will appear to be incompatible with their atmosphere.

Be conservative

Before the interview, we have no way of knowing the interviewers' preferences and the way they look at people, so we should be as conservative as possible in dressing up.

Let the interviewer focus on our experience and skills, not on our clothes.

If you like to spray perfume, don't spray too much, because if the interviewer doesn't like the smell, then this is a very bad experience.


The interview is just like a blind date. Keeping it clean and tidy is the basic etiquette.

Putting on your favorite clothes and one of your favorite outfits will increase our confidence in the interview.

The best way to dress up is to make us a chameleon and blend into the whole environment perfectly.

The above are the 4 aspects to prepare before the interview, I wish you all get your favorite offer as soon as possible.

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