How to Quit a job

Asking your current employer to resign and leave your job is not an easy task. This may cause you to encounter financial problems. This may also be a sad thing-you may not realize it until you stand in front of your boss and offer to resign. Here will tell you how to resign effectively.

Check your financial situation. Although you may have many good reasons to quit your job, make sure that your financial situation is solid before you make the final decision. If you have not found a new job, be prepared to save enough to sustain at least 6 months of life-or use other financial sources to relieve the stress of your non-working days. Make a plan for how you will use your savings and income in other ways until you find another job.
Remember, if you voluntarily resign, you are unlikely to receive any unemployment benefits.

Start looking for a job. If possible, resign from your current company after you find a new, better job. In this way, you will not run the risk of not having a job search for a long time. If you can't wait, at least start to understand what kind of jobs are available and how fierce the competition is.
When you start looking for a job, be careful not to let your current employer find out that you are looking for a job and prepare to resign. You will hope to use your network to find a new job, but you can only discreetly disclose your plans to your trusted colleagues.

Evaluate your current job. Think about why you want to resign and what are the pros and cons of this job. Is there anything you can do to eliminate or improve the unpleasant aspects of this job? If you resign because of money, can you ask for a raise? If you quit your job because of a disgusting colleague, can you propose to transfer to another department? Consider letting your boss know how you feel and allow them to improve the situation before you quit.

Check your contract. Look again at the various legal documents that you sign when you work, from non-competitive agreements to contracts that require you to work for a certain period. Breach of contract can sometimes lead to troublesome legal and economic consequences. Also, check to see how long advance notice your company requires.

Copy the relevant information you don’t want to lose. If you have a business card case or contact list that is helpful and important to your job, be sure to make a copy before resigning. If the content is in the company's equipment, you may not have the opportunity to access it once you quit your job. But make sure you haven’t stolen the so-called trading secrets!

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