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Electrical engineering job responsibilities

  1. Cooperate with the project general manager to do a good job in the demonstration of high and low voltage electrical, network, communications, fire protection and other design schemes, construction drawings review, and design submissions, and responsible for the summary and approval of strong and weak current installation projects
    . 2. Assist in the project The manager of the department formulates the electrical construction schedule of the project in charge, and is responsible for supervising the implementation
    . 3. Responsible for on-site electrical construction inspection and supervision, on-site verification and signing of opinions on project changes during construction; on-site verification and visa for additional works.
  2. Responsible for the inspection, recording, acceptance and functional testing of hidden items in electrical engineering.
    Enterprise requirements for electrical engineeringThe following content comes from the responsibility requirements of for electrical engineering
    Requirement A
    job requirements
  3. Electrical, environmental engineering and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;
  4. Practicing experience, able to independently complete relevant designs;
  5. Ability to independently prepare technical solutions for the above projects and technological innovation and transformation capabilities; 4. Ability to independently prepare Technical scheme design of the project, with experience in preparing technical bidding documents for project bidding; 5. With intermediate or above professional technical titles in engineering, environmental protection , or electrical , and construction engineer certificate is preferred.
    Request B
    Responsibilities: Installation of electrical cabinets for production equipment, familiar with PLC programming and inverter debugging. Qualifications: Have certain electrical experience. Working time: 1-3 years
    Requirement C
    Job description:
  6. Electrical automation and related majors, college degree or above, male.
  7. More than 3-5 years of automation related work experience.
  8. Familiar with tire manufacturing industry is preferred.
  9. Understand hardware design and use AUTOCAD drawing software proficiently.
  10. Familiar with PLC such as AB and Mitsubishi, capable of independent programming, proficient in man-machine interface software, familiar with servo and frequency conversion technology.
  11. Team player, hard-working
    treatment: five insurance payments
Electrician engineer worker

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