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After going to college, you will know that it is not as easy as your parents and teachers say. As you grow up, what you have to think about is no longer what you eat or play today, but what I have learned today. NS? Has the task assigned by the teacher been completed? What makes us more stressed is the problem of finding a job after graduation. The requirements of some companies are too high, which discourages some college students.
The bitter history of fresh graduates, it’s common to find a job and get frustrated repeatedly

With the arrival of the graduation season, we will encounter the problem of " not finding a job" . This year there are about 9 million college graduates. With such a large number, one can imagine how fierce the competition will be in recent years. The increase in college graduates has caused severe saturation in the original job market.

Whenever the graduation season comes, many college students will face the dilemma of finding a job. They will submit their resumes on the major recruitment platforms, which will also cause all kinds of strange things in the interview.
Xiao Zhang is a recent graduate. One day a company called and informed him to go for an interview. It was already the last round of interviews, but he was told, "We want to recruit experienced graduates. We will not recruit fresh graduates. pregnancy".

Nowadays, things like this happen from time to time, and some people don't choose carefully, so it may not be very suitable, but they still notify the interview, which makes the applicant very angry and helpless.
How to solve these difficulties when graduates are looking for a job

College students will always encounter these problems more or less when they are looking for jobs. First of all, they are difficult to survive. Many students will think that after graduation and going out to work, they don't have to worry about asking for money at home.

Then when you are looking for a job, you have to calculate whether your first job is enough to support yourself. Leaving campus for accommodation and meals is a large amount of capital, and you have to calculate the lowest salary you can accept.

Secondly, the difficulty in the direction of employment. For most students, not everyone can find professional-related jobs, and some students do not like the selected major or the selected major is not particularly good. Employment.

After graduating, I submitted a lot of resumes. After going to the interview, I found that it was not what I wanted or after a few days of probation period, I found that it was not what I liked. If this is the case, you have to stop and think about whether you want to go on.

Finally, if you are not clear enough about your position, you have just walked out of campus, and you are very confused about your future. You don’t know what you can do or what work you can do. Then you have to think carefully about what you want to do and your future. What is your career plan so that you may find the answer in it?

When a graduate is looking for a job, which of the following preparations should be made and how to overcome psychological difficulties

Before looking for a job, you must be fully prepared so that you can face the next challenges in the best possible state. First, when submitting your resume, you must prepare a detailed and comprehensive resume, so that it can be convenient for the company you are delivering. You can get a comprehensive understanding of yourself to increase the chance of passing the interview, and you can fine-tune it according to the position you want to put in.

Secondly, an ID photo is necessary when looking for a job. Some companies need to deliver a cover letter or upload some life photos at the same time as the resume. These should be prepared in advance, and the photos should be prepared in advance. Choose sunshine, vigor, and spirit to look good.
Again, finding a job is a new field, is the first step towards the community, so according to different companies, different positions of the interview reasonable arrangements for their dress, and self -mode presentation board and a few routine questions It is necessary to prepare in advance so that you can adapt to the situation at the time to avoid panic.

Finally, the psychological preparation to transform from campus life to social life requires a full understanding of the career that you are about to face, and more importantly, you must maintain a normal attitude to face it and not hold high expectations.

You should choose your job according to your strengths and characteristics, overcome cowardice, and build stronger self-confidence. Of course, don’t be blindly self-confident.

Write to the end

During the job interview, will encounter difficulties, we must strive to college in full, to exercise their own, to make their professional skills more solid, the school can attract more internship opportunities to enrich their practice Experience, improve your abilities, and lay a solid foundation for yourself to find a job.

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