what is an online promotion job?

The main job of network promotion: to increase the exposure of a certain thing.

There are two types:

  1. Brand promotion
  2. Which promotion methods are more effective for product efficiency promotion? Better method: The ultimate goal of product-efficiency integration is still around the link of transformation and realization.

Therefore, online promotion is divided into two cores:

  1. Channel selection (Portal: What are the online promotion channels?) Promotion channels can be divided into major traffic platforms, and each platform can fission many kinds of promotion methods, because the positioning of each platform is different, and the internal sections are different, So the choice of promotion method is also different.
  2. Content production content can be divided into three major directions (graphics, video, audio). As the core section, content is a major factor that determines the purpose of promotion. Therefore, the production and release of valuable content through the selection of promotion channels is the main task of online promotion. Content production and promotion channels must complement each other.
    As a member of the network promotion, there are usually three things in daily life
  3. Production content
  4. Publish content (choose channel)
  5. Optimize the content (review and optimize the content, increase the exposure while increasing the quality of the content, so that its purpose is clearer)

The job of network operation and promotion depends on how the company is defined, which can be large or small.

Generally speaking, there are the following points:

  1. Since it is the part of network promotion, it is responsible for the operation of the company's external network promotion. From platform selection and planning, content writing and publishing, offline and online integration, to achieve better publicity, these are all required This post is responsible. You have to understand
  2. Responsible for coordinating the work of related parts. Because network operation promotion is to display the company's existing advantages and products that can display corporate information on the network, in order to make the information more accurate, it is necessary to understand more.
  3. Analyze competitors. In addition to understanding yourself, you must also understand your competitors in order to better publicize and do a good job of operation.
  4. Check whether there is any information unfavorable to the company on the Internet, and deal with it accordingly.
  5. Organize and arrange content planning, writing and promotion of each platform, etc.

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