What is the highest paying job in Canada

Take a survey in British Columbia as an example. Among the highest-paid occupations in British Columbia, judges in British Columbia are far ahead with an annual income of 232,300 yuan. The second-ranked senior manager in the financial or communications industry has an annual income of 12.52. Ten thousand yuan. The relevant survey is to calculate the median income of the population engaged in this occupation, and the median income of all occupations in the province is 34,000 yuan.

Judges’ high salaries have always been well known. It’s not surprising to win the highest-paid jobs. Their annual income is almost double that of the second-ranked senior manager in the finance or communications industry. 120,000 yuan, 115,400 yuan for fire chiefs and senior firefighters, and 114,400 yuan for senior managers in the construction and transportation industries.

The survey also made statistics on occupations with the lowest wages. The lowest salary in the province is musicians and singers, with an annual income of only 13,000 yuan, while actors and comedians are ranked second at the bottom with 14,900 yuan.

Other low-paying jobs include a hotel waiter of 16,600 yuan, a childcare at home, 16,900 yuan, a natural therapist, 17,300 yuan, and a restaurant waiter of 17,800 yuan.

The authoritative Canadian weekly magazine "Maclean's" also published a survey called "Secrets". The income report survey that year showed that the highest income was the celebrity family, and the highest income people in each industry differed from region to region. different.

Top 10 high-paying jobs in Canada


The nature of the work of a lawyer is similar to that of a doctor and belongs to an experienced industry. All trainee lawyers must go through a short period of relative "poverty", but once they become positive, their income will rise rapidly year by year. With the increase of working time, the reputation of the industry will continue to increase, and the income will also enter the process of increasing.

The future development direction of lawyers should strive to develop in a certain professional field, grasp the development trend of this field, and become an expert in a certain field. In particular, it is relatively easy to obtain high salaries for professional fields such as commercial lawyers and corporate legal consultants.

Lawyer or attorney working in office. Law and justice concept


The income level of the "physician" profession has always been envied by people. Doctors are engaged in high-tech and high-risk occupations, and the talent training cycle is longer than that of other industries. Therefore, the more you become a doctor, the more valuable you become. Under normal circumstances, the attending physician is around 2,000 yuan; after being a chief physician, the income also rises to between 3,500 and 4,000 yuan, and individual senior and well-known professor-level chief physicians can reach 6,000 yuan. Of course, if you can't wait to "boil" so slowly, you can also "speed up." For example, private hospitals generally openly recruit young backbone doctors as training targets, and may also be sent abroad for further studies. In addition, foreign-funded hospitals generally stipulate that physicians need to provide patients with daily nutrition and health advice. Therefore, Jinqiao Canadian consultant suggested that if you have knowledge of health care and nutrition, you may have the opportunity to enter foreign-funded hospitals for high salaries. And from the long-term development perspective, no matter what kind of hospital, it is a development trend for practitioners to have knowledge of health care and nutrition, because modern people pay much attention to self-care.

Teacher application + methodology is popular

In many large, medium and above cities, the income level of teachers has exceeded that of ordinary white-collar workers. Taking colleges and universities as an example, the monthly income of teaching assistants is between 1,500 and 2,000 yuan; lecturers are between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan; associate professors are between 5,000 and 6,000 yuan; and the monthly income of professors is between 8,000 and 9,000 yuan. In the general education system, in addition to the normal salary income, there is also part of the income from supplementary lessons beyond 8 hours.

In the future, application-oriented teachers will be more likely to get high salaries, but teachers who teach such courses must be rich in cases, and the content of the lectures represents advanced concepts and is full of instructive significance. Therefore, teachers must also frequently enter the enterprise and continuously accumulate "practical" experience in order to enrich their knowledge structure. However, elementary and middle school teachers are faced with students under the pressure of entering higher education, so it is extremely important to teach "methods". If they can improve students' academic performance in a short period of time, it will inevitably increase the weight for obtaining high salaries quickly.

Antique appraiser equals the profession of "antiques"

The threshold of the antique appraisal industry is relatively high and requires considerable knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, which cannot be obtained through surprises and requires time accumulation. Only after reading countless "things" can treasures be identified. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call this profession an "antique" profession that is "older, more valuable".

There is only one shortcut for rapid growth in the antique appraisal industry: "watch more, research more, and research more." In addition, according to the current market operation mode, if you can become a senior appraiser, you can contract a certain department to independently conduct auctions and pawn businesses, and your income will become flexible.

The starting price of the actuary's annual salary is 200,000

Nowadays, the economy is becoming more and more lively, and there is naturally more and more demand for economic talents. The supply of ordinary and junior financial personnel currently exceeds demand, but high-end financial personnel are hard to find. In particular, the monthly income of senior insurance actuary can reach more than 10,000 yuan, ranking first among all positions. As the actuarial industry is still in the enlightenment stage in China, there are currently only 43 national-level actuaries and 18 quasi-actuaries in China.

If you want to develop in this industry, obtaining the corresponding qualification certificate is only the first step. Rich experience can give you efficient management ability and emergency response ability to deal with emergencies. Since the actuarial industry in China started late and the working environment is not very mature, the second step to move towards a high salary of one million is to keep abreast of industry trends, absorb advanced ideas from abroad, and accumulate experience in the industry.

Six, architects have a deep background and salary levels are rising

Architects are scarce talents. Architects must have profound cultural heritage and extensive experience, because architecture reflects not only the shape of the building itself and the internal spatial relationship, but also the designer's outlook on life and the art and culture contained in the building. Therefore, most of the architectural design talents in the market currently require more than 5 years of work experience, supported by many years of research and practical experience, and the salary will surely be able to climb higher levels.

The salary of consultants in emerging industries has increased rapidly

As the consulting industry opens up the market in China, the salary of consultants has increased rapidly. At present, the annual salary of consultants in Shanghai is conservatively estimated at more than 150,000 yuan. The job of the consultant is to diagnose the "difficult and miscellaneous diseases" for the company and prescribe the "prescription", using the most cutting-edge vision to make the most strategic analysis for the company. Therefore, always paying attention to cutting-edge science and cutting-edge theories is of great benefit to consultants to obtain high salaries.


Accelerate access to high-paying advice

  1. At present, the competition for financial positions in the market is extremely fierce. In particular, the supply of ordinary and junior financial personnel clearly exceeds demand, but high-end financial personnel are hard to find. In the ranking of 15 types of talents that China needs in the next 10 years, certified public accountants are at the top of the list. Therefore, young accountants have to add points for their careers, and obtaining a CPA or Acca certificate is the only way to a high salary. Cpa is a local "golden word" signboard, and the overall salary level can reach RMB 50,000-100,000 per year; and acca, known as the "mba of finance", will make it easier for you to enter multinational companies and obtain higher salaries.
  2. Highly paid accountants must not only be able to "make accounts", but also have the ability to comprehensively plan, evaluate risks and develop long-term financial strategies, and be forward-looking. Therefore, in order to move towards the threshold of "highly paid accountants", in addition to their own professional quality, accounting personnel must also be familiar with relevant financial, legal and management knowledge, and be good at communication and expression.
  3. Researchers

Market salary quotation: The regular income of scientific research personnel is not very high, and is generally equal to the average income level of the society. However, there are often irregular scientific research funds, project fees, expert settlement subsidies, etc., and other rewards will be given based on scientific research results. Therefore, there are also researchers with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan.

"The older the more valuable" reasons

Senior scientific researchers are often highly respected and have accumulated a wealth of experience during their years of scientific research. These experiences are extremely important for research work. Sometimes a single "idea" can solve a problem. It is a valuable asset. People with these "ideas" should naturally get a high salary. Of course, such an idea can never be photographed by tapping the head, it depends on years of research and accumulation of scientific researchers. Generally speaking, the results of science may be around 30-40 years old; for engineering, the age of the results is slightly later. At the same time, many research institutions, enterprises, and universities still use the promotion system of "on seniority", and the selection of professional titles needs to refer to the length of service. In this case, salaries naturally increase with age.

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  1. Scientific research workers are a result-oriented profession (including academic achievements and scientific research results). Since salary is linked to the number and level of scientific research projects, they must be good at developing new topics and projects and focus on the accumulation of results.
  2. The current scientific research work emphasizes "team combat". If you want to get a high salary, it is best not only to be a leader of the discipline, but also to have organizational and management capabilities to become a "team leader."
  3. Skilled workers

Market wages: Skilled workers are in short supply in the labor market, so wages are rising rapidly. According to the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau’s wage guidance price in the Shanghai labor market, the annual income of senior technicians in model workers, tool fitters, elevator installation and maintenance workers and other types of work reached 70,000 to 90,000 yuan; the skill level reached the level of senior technicians The median annual wages of CNC machine tool operators, automobile maintenance workers, automobile assembly workers, and mold workers are between 36,000 and 74,000 yuan, and the high digits can reach between 75,000 and 100,000 yuan; lathes, fitters, and electricians who have the skill level of senior technicians The median annual salary of electric welders, boring workers, grinders, and milling workers is between 36,000 and 57,000 yuan, and the high digits are between 65,000 and 89,000 yuan.

"The older the more valuable" reasons

Technical work, experience must determine income. From apprentices to technicians, and then to senior technicians, it usually takes more than 10 years or even longer to learn and operate on the front line, and gather wealth with sweat.

Accelerate access to high-paying advice

  1. Recognize the development of the industry and the positioning of the city. According to the industrial positioning of the city, strive to enter the field that is not easy to be eliminated and has development prospects. For example, with the development of the automobile industry, CNC machine tool operators, automobile maintenance workers, automobile assembly and adjustment workers, and mold workers are very popular. The salary levels of these types of work are generally higher than those of other types of work at the same level.
  2. Regardless of the type of work, skilled people can get more money than others. To become a "contemporary Luban", the key is to be willing to endure hardships and make one's skills perfect through hard work.

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