What to wear to a job interview

Your application has a preliminary result, and the hiring manager asks you to go for an interview. After the excitement calms down, it's time to think about what to wear to the interview.

In the interview, the first impression is very important. Making a good impression on the other party through the right interview dress can help you get your dream job to a large extent. Naturally, you will think that you have to wear the best suit or skirt to the interview as if you are already working there, but there are other issues to consider. You should look ready to work in the position you are applying for.

The following tips on dressing for interviews will help you make a good impression and give you confidence in answering questions.

Interview dress code for ladies:

Clothing: Professional, neatly ironed shirts or skirts, not a deep neckline. If you wear a skirt, it should not be shorter than two inches above the knee. Don't forget to wear tights or stockings. You can also wear long pants.
Color: If the interviewing company is very formal, then the unassuming color is more suitable for a formal environment. Black and dark blue are ideal business colors, and gray or brown are also good choices. Match it with a white or light-colored shirt or skirt. The color of the whole body cannot be more than three, and the pattern cannot be more than two.
Shoes: Slippers and sandals are not allowed during the interview. Wear closed-toe low-heeled shoes or closed-toe black high-heeled shoes.
Jewelry: Do not wear too much jewelry, such as large necklaces and bracelets, because too many collisions can cause unnecessary distraction. Wear only low-key earrings. The watch should be small, with only one wedding ring, or no ring at all.
Make-up: Don't use heavy make-up, just be conservative and natural, and spray a little perfume.
Tattoos and piercings: cover the tattoos and remove facial piercings.

Men's interview dress code:

Clothing: Put on a clean suit. Or wear an ironed long-sleeved white shirt and a clean jacket. The pants are also ironed.
Tie: Wear a simple and elegant tie that reaches the waist of the trousers. The color of the belt is matched with the leather shoes, and the buckle should not be too conspicuous.
Color: The color of the shirt should be a solid color, preferably white. The suit should be a two-piece or three-piece in dark blue, black, or charcoal gray. The color and design of the tie should be simple.
Leather shoes: clean and shiny. The color of the socks should match the color of the suit.
Accessories: Simple design of belt and tie. Watches should also be conservative, using metal or leather straps. Don't hold too many things in your hand, just a leather wallet or briefcase. The less perfume and aftershave you use, the better. The last thing you want is that the other party remembers your cologne smell instead of your answer.
Tattoos and piercings: cover the tattoos and remove facial piercings.
Your interview dress will affect whether you will get the job. Dressing professionally allows you to make a good first impression on the hiring manager, but don’t forget your body language. Behave well and have a happy expression. Ultimately you want the hiring manager to imagine you as in the position and their team.

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